Lindo API

LINDO API,讓你能夠方便的創建您自己的最優化問題求解程序。而且LINDO執行速度快,易於方便地輸入、求解和分析數學規劃問題,因此在教學、科研和工業界得到廣泛應用。



LINDO的線性,非線性,整數,隨機和global programmingsolvers已被用於全球數以千計的企業用來維持利潤最大化,並最大限度地減少對涉及生產規劃、交通,金融,投資組合分配,資本預算,調度,庫存,資源決定的成本分配等。


LINDO API 9.0的增強功能  
  • Simplex LP algorithm speed and robustness improvements.

  • New preprocessing for LP/IP to significantly reduce coefficient density of certain dense LP matrices.

  • Knapsack related cuts improvements. Significantly faster solve times on models with certain knapsack-like constraints.

  • Improved default node selection rules improves performance on most MIP’s.

  • New branching variable rule options: maximum coefficients and neighborhood branching. Can reduce number of branches on certain MIP’s.

  • Perspective reformulation capability gives improved performance on quadratic portfolio models with semi-continuous variables, e.g. min-buy quantities.

  • Improved default settings for NLP’s gives 5% average speed improvement.

  • Faster processing of long nonlinear expressions in NLP’s, e.g., 1000’s of terms as found in nonlinear regressions with 1000’s of observations.

  • Global solver supports more functions, e.g., cdf and inverse cdf of distributions such as Normal, Cauchy, exponential, logistic, and more.

  • Semi-Definite Program (SDP)/Positive Definite (POSD) support, including integer variables, e.g., if estimating a covariance matrix for a portfolio, can add constraint that matrix be positive semi-definite.

  • Quadratic repair feature for near-convex Quadratic Programs (QP). Gives improved performance on not quite convex QP’s.

  • Sparse Cholesky factorization and related linear algebra utility functions added to the API and can now be called for general use.

  • LScomputeFunction( ) provides a single interface for directly calling most of the 150+ math functions in API operator library.

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