New in Version 10
  • Correlated data analysis: Exact tests for ordered and unordered multinomial data
  • Genetics data analysis: Exact Family Based Association Tests
  • Increased power for 2x2 tables: Boschloo’s test, power and sample size calculations
  • Improved confidence intervals: Mid-p correction
  • Detection of shift and dispersion in comparing two populations: Lepage Test
  • Stratified data analysis of two independent samples:
  • Aligned Mid-rank Score Test
Only in StatXact
  • Exact tests for equivalence and non-inferiority of paired and independent binomial data
  • Exact tests on unordered, singly ordered and doubly ordered RxC tables, with Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel (CMH) tests, for correlated data
  • Exact tests of trend in C correlated binomial populations
  • Exact tests for correlated two samples data: Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney, Normal scores, Savage scores, and Permutation
  • Exact inference on one-sample Poisson rates and Homogeneity and CI on common relative risks and trend in C ordered rates for Poisson data
  • Exact power and sample size calculations for binomial and multinomial tests

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